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This space will hold material which will help you to listen to and practise the French seen in class.

Throughout the year you will be learning a lot of vocabulary, and some grammar too, which will enable you to talk about yourself, your family, things you do at highschool, subjects you like and don't like, what you wear, sports you do or play, or not, what you like to do during your free time depending on the weather, where you live and what your house is like.

At the end of the year of S1, two pupils agreed to be recorded to give you an example of what you will be able to achieve:external image frog3.gif

They took turn at answering the questions. can you work out what they have said?

Though the soundtrack might lead you to think that you need to do magic to speak French, don't be put off! Only your work and effort will produce magical results!!!

If you click on ecoutez, you will have a series of mp3 files covering the vocabulary you have in your vocabulary booklet.
You can listen online or download the files on your computer/mp3 player.
This will help you:
  1. to understand better when someone talks to you in French.
  2. to speak with more confidence.

If you click on Conversations, you will be able to listen to some conversations putting together the sentences you have been learning in class.
  • In the first conversation, my special helper is my daughter Emilie. What can you learn about her?
  • There will also be a questions files, where I ask the questions and leave a space for you to give your own answers.

If you click on Revision, you will have access to a summary of the powerpoints used in class. You may want to go through them as a revision tool before a test. So you can check by yourself what you know well and what you need to improve.